There are a lot of questions about the ranks and levels of masonry. But what you guys don’t understand, there’s not ranks and levels, but there is lodges. Within Freemasonry, you have three types of lodges. Entered Apprentice Lodge, Fellowcraft Lodge, Master Mason’s Lodge. And depending on your degree, depends on which lodge you go to.

During the building of King Solomon’s Temple, Entered Apprentices, they were the guys who did the heavy work. Worked in the quarries that cut down the trees. Fellowcrafts? They would square up those rocks that the inner prince brought them and get them ready to be fit within the temple and master masons Lay that mortar and make it fit So if you’re an inner prince mason and you only know the tools of an inner prince basin It’s kind of pointless for you to be in a master mason’s lodge So King Solomon’s workers, they split up into three lodges, entered Prince Bellicraft and Master Mason.

And they would discuss the business at hand. Which is the same thing that we do in Speculative Freemasonry. Except we’re not actually building a physical building. We’re all masons, we have the same common goal. We just have to master the tools before moving forward.