This is the opinion and fluff and it’s going to make some brothers mad, but I believe you belong to this club and that so do I didn’t get caught from what it sounds like you did the crime and paid your time depending on the jurisdiction that you live in. You may never get in, but there’s a chance.

This is a super long process. Show up to lodge dinners. Every time go like for one to two years. Talk to every brother and get to know them. Don’t talk about your past. You’re not going to lie about your past, but don’t talk about your past. Make sure they get to know you first. Figure out when their charities, fundraisers, all that stuff is.

Volunteer, be active in those. I’ve never heard a lodge turn down help from anybody. Gain the trust of the lodge. Show that you’re reformed. Then tell one of the brothers your secret and maybe by doing all of that, you can kind of find a place in the lodge and make yourself valuable to him. So motivate.