Is Freemasonry a cult? A cult is a group or organization that exhibits specific characteristics. These include a charismatic leader, manipulation and control over members, exploitation, and An exclusive belief system, isolation from the outside world, high conformity, and emotional dependency. These characteristics are used to lead their followers to a false sense of hope, salvation, or redemption.

Freemasonry is not a cult. It is a long standing fraternal organization dating back several centuries. Freemasonry promotes moral and ethical teachings, symbolism, and fraternity. Freemasonry lacks the many defining characteristics of a cult. It doesn’t have a charismatic leader who controls the members lives, it doesn’t manipulate or exploit its members financially or otherwise, and it encourages personal development and charity.

While cults exhibit characteristics like manipulation, control, isolation, and exploitation, Freemasonry operates based on moral values, fraternity, and personal development. It fosters a sense of unity among its members without engaging in harmful practices. And even though their symbols and ritualistic practices may seem strange to those on the outside, it’s important to research and to form your own opinion based on the reliable sources and first hand experiences of those on the inside.

Samodhi Di