Why is Freemasonry a secret? If you are good men, why not give the knowledge to everyone freely? To understand Freemasonry’s teachings, you have to understand where they came from. They trace back to ancient mystery schools, medieval stonemason guilds, the enlightenment era, and biblical text. These teachings focus more on moral and philosophical lessons aimed at building a better man.

Why don’t we give them out? Well, They’re secrets. But why the secrecy? Well, entitlement might be the name of the game today, but we understand that not every person is ready to hear the things that they need to hear to build themselves up. It takes a lot of work to be a better person. And if you’re not willing to put in the work, why should we give you the secrets?

The tradition of secrecy, that answer lies in the roots of Freemasonry itself. The organization models itself on Fraternities of medieval stonemasons who use secret words and symbols to recognize each other’s legitimacy and protect their work. This tradition has been carried forward, creating a sense of fellowship and shared experiences among its members.

It focuses on the ethical integrity of a man, the very fiber of his moral character, which is the mortar we spread with our trowels to set our ashlars upon the temple walls, to create unity. And before the Internet, the promise of access to hidden knowledge was a powerful recruitment tool, contributing to Freemasonry’s spread worldwide.

But in today’s world, where that knowledge can be found with a simple Google search, today’s Freemasons have to prove, more than ever, that the secret lessons of Freemasonry The rituals and symbols and teachings of Freemasonry are considered sacred by its members, and keeping these elements of secret help preserve our sanctity and significance.

While Freemasonry does have its secrets, it is not a secret society. Our existence is not hidden, and individual Masons can declare their membership if they wish. So while Freemasonry may seem secretive… It’s core mission is to foster moral and philosophical growth. It’s traditions of secrecy serve to protect it’s sacred teachings and create a unique bond among it’s members.

And if a good man feels the divine providence of God pushing him to pick up our working tools and truly work on himself to become a better man all he has to do is search and ask. Give a little knock of Samodit B