In Freemasonry, the symbol of light stands for a quest, a journey towards knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Knowledge is the assimilation of facts, truths, and principles. Knowledge would be the blueprint of the craft passed down through generations of masons. Understanding is the ability to decipher these blueprints, to see how the pieces fit together and interpret the meaning behind the symbol and rituals of the fraternity, bringing us to wisdom, the art of applying it.

The acquired knowledge and understanding to one’s life. It is the delicate craft of shaping one’s actions, character and decisions based on the eternal truths of the craft. As a Freemason journeys, from the darkness of ignorance to the light of truth, they embody these ideals gaining not only enlightenment for themselves, but also illuminating the path for others.

Enlightenment is not a destination, but an ongoing journey, A path that all Masons are committed. To walking together, embodying the spirit of brotherhood light is more than just knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It’s a beacon guiding each Mason and the fraternity as a whole towards personal growth and universal harmony.

So my question to you, how are you going to use that light? So motive being.