This is everything you needed to know about the Illuminati. So be sure to tap that follow button and buckle up as we delve into the shadows of history, the Illuminati, the name that whispers darkness and light born in the enlightenment’s heart in 1776, Bavaria, Adam Weishaupt’s mission for the Illuminati was to illuminate the world, to oppose religious influence and prevent state power abuses and champion equality.

Weisshoff’s missions and goals seemed to stall during the first years, so he set his eyes upon a new recruitment source. Freemasonry, an already established fraternity with a strong structure and rituals in which he could incorporate into his own degrees. The recruitment seemed to work. He had members who obtained 14 Illuminati degrees, but as the radical ideology and goals began to be illuminated in their minds, they started to dim and the good men and brothers began to leave.

And by the late 1780s, the Bavarian government extinguished their flame completely. And in ten short years, the fraternity would be gone, yet their ideas lived on, intertwining with the radical Jacobins, the storm bringers of the French Revolution. These Jacobins would relight the flames of the Illuminati teachings and mix it with their own beliefs of secularism and anti religious teachings.

ULTRA EXTREME PATRIOTISM and RADICAL VIOLENT METHODS to achieve their political ends. Many religious groups, including the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits, and even Protestants, feared this specter of change and challenged to the old order. Across the Atlantic Ocean in the newly formed United States of America, George Washington wrote and expressed his concern, not of the Illuminati’s Presence, but of their ideas infiltrating American Freemasonry and sowing discord.

Eventually things would start to settle down yet, even though short lived and amounting to nothing, the Illuminati would not be confined to the annals of history in the mid 20th century. Their name rose again. Not in secret meetings or political uprisings, but on the pages of novels, on the silver screen, and in the lyrics of songs.

They seem to be a symbol of unseen forces and puppeteers behind the world stage. The Illuminati of today is a phantom that haunts the weak minded. A specter conjured from our fears and our fascination with the unknown. There are stories, there are scammers, there are boogeymen in which others can place a blame on.

The real Illuminati, their flame was extinguished long ago. It is those who are afraid of the dark, who will make their name last forever. Smote V.