Do the Shriners take their oath on a Quran? And are they a secret Muslim Islamic body? Let’s talk about it. In 1870, a group of 13 Masons would regularly meet at the Knickerbocker Cottage in New York City. Often, discussion turned into forming a new fraternity for Masons based on the tenets of Freemasonry, but with the added element of fun and fellowship.

Dr. Walter Fleming and Billy Florence, an actor, were among the members of the group. Florence had been on a tour in Europe and attended a party given by an Arabian diplomat. The exotic style, flavors, and music of the Arabian themed party led Florence to suggest as the theme of the new fraternity. Dr.

Fleming and the other members of the group then drafted the ritual, designed the emblem and costumes and formulated a salutation and declared that members would wear. The red fez and the name of this new fraternity would be the ancient arabic order of the nobles of the mystic shrine but this emblem here it kind of looks like the islamic crescent moon doesn’t it it actually doesn’t look like it at all and if you go to shriner international.

org you can find all the information here the scimitar stands for the backbone of the fraternity It’s members like me. The two claws are for the Shriner’s fraternity and its philanthropy. The Sphinx stands for the governing body of the Shriners, Shriners International. And the five pointed star represents the thousands of children that have been helped by the philanthropy each year.

Strength and Fury is our theme to accompanying this emblem. And I took my Shriner obligation on a Christian Holy Bible. So mode it be.