What are the rituals of Freemasonry, and why do they remain shrouded in secrecy? Well, for the profane, which means uninitiated, the ceremonies unfolding behind the securely sealed doors of Eladrim evoke feelings of apprehension, skepticism, and enigma. However, for those who muster up the courage to approach and step across the sacred threshold, the light pierces the darkness and the veil of mystery is drawn back, unveiling a fraternity steeped in camaraderie and solace and truth.

Some outsiders assert their right to the knowledge of these rights. They feel entitled to know what we do behind closed doors. And if they don’t get it, they level baseless accusations that Freemasons wield global power and concealed profound insights that could propel humanity forward. But are these allegations grounded in truth?

In reality? No! And not everyone’s deserving of the esoterica teachings of Freemasonry. Unless… they’re prepared. So why is it secret, and where does the mystery even come from? The enigma surrounding Freemasonry has its roots in the ancient stonemason guilds of medieval times. These forebears guarded their artisanal secrets from the world, not only to shield their techniques…

But also to elevate the caliber of the craftsmanship reflect upon the majestic Cathedral of Notre Dame. Its foundations were laid during King Louis VII’s reign in 1163 AD. Yet its completion spanned nearly 200 years, culminating in 1345. The visionary architects and planners who embarked on this monumental endeavor never witnessed its culmination.

Maybe their great great grandchildren in their twilight years were the first ones of their lineage to partake in the divine service within its grand chambers, but they never saw it. Remarkably, throughout its construction, the craftsmanship remained unwavering. The seamless transition from one generation of artisans to the next resulted in a cohesive masterpiece.

No discernible variance in quality from the inaugural craftsman to the seventh and final generation in the realm of speculative Freemasonry. Our reverence for tools and the enlightenment we seek is a tribute to these ancient custodians of knowledge. It’s a testament to trust. It’s a bond that allows us to recognize a brother in the obscurity as clearly as in the light.

And no individual is entitled or worthy of the Freemason rights until embraced by the brethren alongside whom he will labor with. And none, including Freemasons, shall reap its rewards until he is prepared to study the grand design set forth by the great architect of the universe, seize the tools, and use them.

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